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I live in the upper Hudson River Valley and take too many photos of the local scenery, historical sites, and wild life. Here is a sample.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wreck of the Storm King

In Coxsackie NY, 120 miles north of New York City. the Hudson still has tides in range of about 5 feet. Here, the freight steamship Storm King sank at her moorings in 1938 and is still visible today during low tide.

More images, including details of the remains of the prow, stern, engine mounts and drive shaft of this propellor-driven steamship can be seen at Wreck of the Steamship Storm King, Coxsackie NY.

The decayed state of the wreck has revealed details of interior construction, making this a relatively rare opportunity to view genuine late nineteenth century steamship construction techniques.

Please post a comment if you have additional information about the Storm King.


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